Frequently asked questions

The heating wire of the Oil Core Separated vape burned, and a paste smell appeared?

It may be that the silicone plug is not pressed in place or the waiting time is not enough after the silicone plug is pressed, and the e-juice is not sufficiently immersed in the oil storage cotton. It is recommended to change an e-cigarette and follow the procedure again.

Where can I buy the B+MOR products?

You can find our products in both online and retail store, check here: Find a Store

What is OCS Tech?

Different from conventional refillable vaping products, OCS technology is able to separate and avoid e-liquid from being in cintact with outside air, which enables true leak-proofness due to change in the surrounding environment and also loss of taste in the e-liquid. BMOR OCS Technology First to break-through with ths design of push-to-activate OCS structure, which can be done even with pre-filled e-liquid. Our product can function well and safely even in situations of low pressure high altitude, leaving for long periods of time in high and low temperature and exposure to the environmental elements. It is our proud achievement in all aspects of leaking, either during shipment, usage or storage.