About B+MOR

Be More. Do More.

Innovative. Revolutionary. Brilliant. These are what define us.

BMOR is a global enterprise focused on producing high-quality electronic cigarette products with unique designs using the latest technology. We are driven by our core beliefs of putting our customers first and prioritizing quality. We modernize and revolutionize vaping products to transform the vaping experience of our customers.

We trace our beginnings to a diverse team of innovative engineers and designers who shared a common goal of creating a cool brand that will take the vaping industry to another level. With years of experience in equipment manufacturing and design manufacturing, we successfully leveraged revolutionary technology to design and manufacture quality products for vaping.

Our products were born from meticulous research, countless trials, and tireless efforts from our team of experts. After years of product development, we are proud to have become an OEM/ODM enterprise that’s well-recognized in the local and international vaping markets.

Today, we hold strategic partnerships with global brands of first-class disposable e-cigarettes in the USA. We also export our OEM/ODM products to other locations, including the UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

As our company grows, we remain true to our commitment to our customers and business partners. We are driven to create the best consumer experience possible by continually designing innovative products with unparalleled performance.


BMOR is the creator of the first cell phone pod vape that rocked the global vape industry. Our innovation team continues to design such products that revolutionize vaping. We are focused on enhancing our current systems to spur advances in concept innovation, technology innovation, and design innovation.

Backed by Research

R&D is integral to our business, particularly in handling electronics, ID, structure, atomization, liquids, and other materials. When BMOR was founded, we built our own R&D Center and have kept improving our facilities over the years. Today, we already have an independent R&D lab with advanced equipment. Our R&D team has also grown to over 50 highly experienced professional engineers.

Impeccable Quality Control

BMOR has an independent laboratory for testing and a department specializing in quality control. These are equipped with complete testing instruments and precision instruments to ensure that every part, from R&D to mass production, is strictly inspected and under quality control. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, Standardized Management System Certification, CE Certification, Rohs Certification, and Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001).

Strong Mass Production Capacity

Production Factory Branch: 3

Plant Area: 30,000 square meters

Purification Area: over 5,000 square meters

Production Capacity: 10,000,000 pieces per month for disposable ecig

Strategic Global Network

Our strong self-operation and global famous partner network have made our OEM/ODM products popular all over the world, including China, the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, and Southeast Asia. Through strict inspection and international certification and regulation, we believe our OEM/ODM products can bring great benefits to more customers around the world.