BMOR Charity Donation Program

Hi, Bmor Fam!


Welcome to participate in BMOR Charity Donation Program!


Since Bmor was found in 2020, with mission to make a meaningful change to the vaping community, we restlessly break all the boundaries to provide the best alternative solutions for nicotine satisfaction and high-quality vape products so as to help all the vapers improving their wellbeing and sustainable lifestyles.


Based on this aim, we’re going to offer a more direct way by donating amounts of Bmor vape devices to help anyone who has already stopped smoking or is looking to quit but not able to afford to buy or find out a vape device suitable to themselves.


If you are the one in legal vaping age or you are in a quit-smoking association who needs a help to get some free good vape devices, just participate in our program. We are here to help you out!



How to participate?


All you should do is to fill out the form of your basic info to successfully enter this program.


After verification, you will get an email from


What Bmor to Offer?


1.  For individuals: A complete set of experience packs for all Bmor’s launched products;

2. For organizations: According to actual needs;




*Must be of legal vaping age to enter;

*Bmor reserves the right of rules explanation.

*Countries with anti-vaping policies will be excluded.

This is a long-term program, winners will be selected regularly every 2 weeks and announced on Bmor social media;


Round 1 Bmor Charity Donation Program Result


3 applications are verified and drawn:



Round 2 Bmor Charity Donation Program Result





Round 3 Bmor Charity Donation Program Result





Please check out the email to claim your winnings.


The Charity Donation Program is still running on!


If you are in a quit-smoking association and need help to get some free good vape devices, join the Bmor Charity Donation Program here at:




More lastest news, please follow Bmor social media:


IG: @bmortech_official

FB: @bmorvapeofficial


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